Brand identity, name and tone of voice, logo and visual language, and packaging for the luxury bath and beauty products company.

Hedonista, a word we concocted, is a woman who believes that the pursuit of pleasure is the primary focus of her life.

Because Hedonista products are handmade and all-natural - good enough to eat - we created the Hedonista brand to be about finding decadence in the everyday.

Keeping in mind the alchemical, tactile nature of the products, we gave each product its own unique, sumptuous pattern that grew organically through whimsy art experiments. Think sprinkling salt on watercolours and bathing handmade paper with brewed tea.

The copy for each product evokes the many moods of a hedonista, transforming each of life's banal moments into luscious me-time. The instructions and label copy are playful, encouraging hedonistas to stop and smell the roses, and never overlook everyday pleasures.

Tagline (proposed): i for indulgence.