Book design and editing for the narrative recipe book.

Served with Love is a book of delicious yet healthy recipes for fussy eaters, especially children.

'Healthy junk food' is the mantra of the book, reflected in the vibrant visual language that represents the fun of eating out combined with the beauty of fresh, homecooked food.

We wanted the book to stand out in the crowded cookbook market. So we decided to bring to the centrestage the author, seventy-eight-year-old Mrs Jeeti Gandhi (a nutritionist, chef, radio show host, pilot and super grandmom), who wows everyone with her vivaciousness.

Before diving into the recipes, the book lays a nutritional foundation of what makes for healthy eating, going into the culinary and nutritional needs for children of all ages, from infants to teenagers.

We peppered the information with interesting anecdotes from Mrs Gandhi - she relayed her experiences of bringing up her sons and how she dealt with everything from picky eating to food tantrums.

The upbeat tone and design encapsulate the book's philosophy - healthy food can be delicious and fun.